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SF Industrial range of Lead Acid Storage batteries for UPS (Online & offline) & Home UPS (Inverter) applications are manufactured with cutting edge technology using modern and contemporary imported Plant & Machinery. SF Industrial’s factories have all the modern equipments necessary to manufacture world-class products. It also sources its components from the best Battery Component manufacturers in the world.

SF Industrial Range of Batteries are produced from three world-class manufacturing facilities located at;
Shamnagar – West Bengal   Haldia – West Bengal   Hosur – Tamil Nadu
For Flooded Flat Pasted &
Tubular Range
  For Flooded Flat Pasted & Tubular Range   For Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA Range
Brief Manufacturing Processes
Lead – Lead, the main raw material that constitutes 70% of the battery is used after a thorough checking through Spectrophotometric Analysis for Composition and Impurities.

Alloy Blending - ‘Optical Emission Spectrophotometry’ checks the composition of the alloy in the laboratory before use. The Spectrophotometer is imported from Spectro, Germany

Oxide Manufacturing - Ball Mill, Li – Shan, Taiwan & M-40 Mill, India are used for manufacture of Red Oxide and Grey Oxide. Percentage Oxidation, Apparent Density, Water Absorption characteristics etc. are continuously monitored to control the outgoing Oxide quality.
Plate Grids – Grids are casted through Grid Moulds & Casting M/c from WRITZ, USA. The weights of the Grid Castings are checked throughout the casting process. The castings are also inspected for physical features to ensure excellent high rate performance and long life.

Paste Mixing - Ox-Master, Simpson Mixer, India & Drums, India are used for Paste mixing. The paste mix is checked for the density, moisture content &, temperature

Pasting & Flash Drying – Mac Paster & Flash Dryer from USA are used to paste active materials on the Grids. The pasted plate are weighed and tested for moisture content on sample basis.

Plate Curing - The residual free lead in the plates is checked after completion of the curing period in Curing Ovens.
Spine Castings – Spines forms the main backbone of the Positive Plates of SF Industrial Range of Tubular Batteries. Spines for SF Industrial Range of Tubular Batteries are casted through High Pressure HADI Casting machine imported from Austria.
Comparative Features Of 3 Different Spine Casting Process)
Properties High Pressure Low Pressure Gravity
(Vicker’s Micro Hardness, HV) Uniform Micro Hardness Of 24.3 through out the sample Non-Uniform Micro Hardness varying from 21.5 to 28.4 Low Micro Hardness, varying from 17.5 to 18.2
Grain Size Coarse Coarse & Fine Inconsistent
Grain Orientation Single Directional Random Random
Surface Condition No Voids Voids (Small Black Spots) Bigger Voids Than Low Pressure
Scanning Electron Microscope Pictures
Other Processes – Plates thus produced, Flat or Tubular are then Ammonia Dipped, Acid Pickled, Formed in Forming Circuits & Dried before they are sent to Assembly line for final assembly and finishing operations.

Separators - The separators employed are PVC for the low cost versions and polyethylene with glass mat reinforcement for the medium and high end.

Containers - The containers are made of PP copolymer which possesses excellent impact and other physical properties. The cover design is uncomplicated with easy to maintain top venting systems. In the case of maintenance free batteries, they have a coin flush filter vent system to give a clean flat maintainable surface with resistance to spark propagation inside battery to avoid the possibility of bursting during charging operations
Raising the Bar
SF Industrial’s quality checks and process control laboratory checks of all incoming metals, components and bought out parts. Incoming and blended metals are analysed for quality with optical emission spectrograph. What’s more, the SF Industrial R&D setup, approved by the Ministry of Science Technology Government of India, is a high-tech hub of innovation.

The manufacturing facilities at Shamnagar, Haldia & Hosur is equipped with state-of-art machinery and instrumentation. Many such equipment have been imported from world class battery equipment manufacturers across the globe and some are also designed and produced with in-house capabilities.

TQM is a strategic initiative of SF Industrial and we have progressed a lot along this unending journey towards Business Excellence. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is certified to ISO 9001 for SF Industrial. These certifications although issued in the names of the different manufacturing facilities, however include all our business processes of R&D, Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, After-Sales Support and Corporate functions.

The manufacturing facilities take credit for winning several laurels:
  • The Environmental Management System (EMS) is certified to ISO 14001
  • The Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) system is certified to OHSAS-18001.
Our certification body is the renowned TUV-NORD headquartered in Germany

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